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Zija Reviews

By reading this section I assume you are either 1) wanting to become a rep, or 2) a potential consumer trying to find out if zija really works.  First of all kudos for doing your homework before you jump right in.  If you are already a member or a consumer of zija weight loss, feel free to send a message.  We would love to post your story or testimonial.  First a little background about the company.  Zija is a company specializing in heath and wellness.  They sell a line of products focused on energy, nutrition, weight management, and anti-aging skin care.

Zija’s home office resides in Linden, Utah, and was originally founded by Ken Brailsford in 2006.  Since 2006, Zija has expanded internationally and still growing.  As you are probably already aware, Zija’s differentiation resides in its main ingredient, moringa.  Moringa is commonly known in the east (china, Egypt, Thailand) as a “miracle tree”.  The balance of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants it provides are claimed to treat over 300 health problems.  The question remains, does it really work?

I could probably give you my honest opinion as a user myself, but you probably would be skeptical.  But I can tell you what I’ve seen in my wife after taking the Zija smart mix and Zija XM3.  I’ve noticed a change in her mood to more positive and happier.  And she has several times talked about how  she has been able to stop taking her prescribed pain medication.  I think that speaks for itself.  Not relying on the possibility of fake testimonials from Zija reps, or wading through many websites, to have a first hand testimonial right in front of me from someone I love and care about.   That being said, I also wanted to include a couple other reviews we’ve gotten:

Krissy June 13th, 2011

Zija is pretty awesome! I’ve used it for a month now and while I haven’t lost TONS of weight, it has helped keep me in check with my eating. However, this being said, this isn’t a miracle pill, you still have to do the work!

Jyl Walker January 4th, 2012

I have lost 40 pounds on Zija’s weight management system since June 2011. I have gone from a size 14 to a size 8 and have kept it off. It’s easy, and I have done nothing besides this to lose the weight. Right I have more energy than I have ever had, and my doctor has removed me from taking blood pressure meds, adhd meds & my thyroid meds have been reduced by half. The products speak for themselves and work! There are 30 caps in each package of xmam(xm3), there is a 30 day money back guarantee and the ingredients are listed on the website. If you are on stimulant drugs, bp meds or mao inhibitors, there are products you can’t take, but they do have products you CAN take. Anyone can take the Smart Mix, and there is a PM capsule that reduces stress, stops production of cortisol to the belly. I absolutely would recommend this product line to anyone who wants to lose weight naturally and be healthier than they’ve ever been!


The ancient asian cultures couldn’t have been wrong for thousands of years, and it’s just our human nature to turn away from things we are unfamiliar with.  Thankfully we have a company like Zija that saw its potential and made the move to put the product in front of us.